Monday, January 23, 2012

From vacation to reality

After running the Disney World Half Marathon my husband and I along with two other couples went on a Royal Caribbean cruise.  It stopped at Labadee Haiti, Falmouth Jamaica, George Town Grand Cayman, and Cozmel Mexico.  It was a great time.  We eat and drank way too much.  We had fun in the sun.  And I got to meet a variety of animals along the way.

In Haiti we just did a beach day.  The water was great.  We got to lay in the sun (with 70 SPF sunscreen) and splash in the ocean.

Here is a view of our ship the Freedom of the Seas.  My husband took this from while swimming in Haiti.

In Jamaica we went horseback riding.  I have only done this once before but I was game for a little adventure.  I was pretty dead set on not getting off the boat in Jamaica because my previous experiences there were not great.  I am glad that my friend Paige was able to talk me into it.  We first went for a trail ride and then swam in the ocean while on horse back.

Me and my loving husband on horseback

Here I am on our trail ride.

Our friend Dave and I riding on the beach.

Dave's girl Erin riding on the beach.

We bought the pics of us swimming but I don't have them yet.  I will try to get them posted as soon as I do.

Our next excursion was in Grand Cayman where we swam with the Sting Rays.  I am a big fan of this excursion.  We did it last year on our last cruise and had a bunch of fun.  We decided we wanted to do it again.  Eric and I did not buy our pictures from the swim this time.  We bought them last year and I decided that neither the two of us or the sting rays had changed much.

Here are Matt and Paige posing with the Sting Ray

Here is a photo from last year of me and my husband with the sting ray.

These guys were super friendly.  They all show up at this sandbar in the Grand Cayman because they know they will get an easy meal.  They swim right up to you and let you pet them.  We then got to snorkel at a reef that was close by.  

Our last adventure was in Cozmel Mexico.  We swam with the dolphins.  Our Dolphin's name was Freda.  She had a very cute pink belly and was very sweet.  This was a fun excursion and it was only three miles from the pier.  I enjoyed the small travel time.  

Going to give Freda a kiss
Giving Freda a "hug"

She even pushed us on a boogie board.

We got to meet a Manatee too.  I had never been in the water with one before.  They feel sort of rough and they eat lettuce.  That was pretty cool.  We stopped at Senior Frogs before getting back on the boat.  It was quite a place.  They had music rocking the whole time.  Our waiters even got up and did a dance for us.

Here is our whole group enjoying a drink at Senior Frogs

Dave's girl Erin is from Ohio.  The table next to us were also from Ohio.  Apparently this is a thing there. We are spelling Ohio.

My husband and I in Mexico

Before the nice picture of us he tried to throw me in the fountain. He is lucky I love him so much.

Now we are back to reality.  And it seems that winter has finally found New England.  I can not wait to be back in the warm sunny weather.  I really need to work on winning the lotto so that I can live on the beach full time.  :-)

From our own Corona commercial to

the reality of snow and cold.

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