Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Little Self Defense

I would be lying if I said I was a little freaked out about running outside by myself lately.  After hearing the horrific story of the abduction of Sherry Arnold and reading about the pain her family is going through on SUAR's blog I am a little hesitant to lace up my shoes and head out in my community.  I generally run alone in my neighborhood.  It is suburban with light traffic and generally there is always cars and people about.  I am still a little apprehensive. 

I like to run while listening to books on tape.  I know what I shouldn't wear headphones while I run so that I won't look like an easy target but when I run for hours at a time I need a little something to distract me.  I generally run with mace on my belt but I have read mixed things about if that is a good idea. 

I was talking about my feelings about running outside with one of my best friends Amy yesterday and we came up with a plan.  We are going to try Krav Maga.  We found a place fairly close to our work.  It looks like it is reasonably priced.  We are going to check out their free woman's self defense class this Friday.  I think that if I feel like I am reasonably able to protect myself I might be more at easy getting back to my routine.  I start my 15 week marathon training next week and the thought of running 20 miles on  a treadmill is a nightmare. 

I wish that I could find a running group near my house that runs as slow as I do.  The only one that I have found near by trains at an 8 minute mile.  I think I could do one 8 minute mile but that is definitely not a training pace for me.  I am more of a 12 minute mile kind of girl.  Slow I know but I am happy that I can get out there and run with all of my medical issues. 

What are the rest of you guys doing for protection?  Am I the only one nervous getting out there and running alone?


  1. I was lucky enough to find an all women's running group for my longs - it's large enough were there is someone to match any pace. I only wear one earbud when I run unless it's a race. I haven't made the jump to mace yet but it certainly has crossed my mind. Great idea about the self defense, I should get a group together for a class. And fabulous job kicking some serious MS butt!! :)

    1. I haven't been able to find a running group in my area. None of my friends that are runners live close by so I am a solo runner. I am starting self defense classes tonight. Thanks for the support. :-)