Monday, February 13, 2012

A new haircut and a not so 15 miler

I had to move my Saturday run, which was scheduled for a 15 miler to Sunday.  I still wore the bib for the Run for Sherry, even though I was a day late.

I had to run up to New Hampshire on Saturday to get my haircut.  One of my best friends is my hairdresser.  I wouldn't make an hour and a half drive to get my haircut if my hair dresser wasn't one of the best friends a girl could have.  I got about 5 inches of hair cut off.  I haven't had it this short in over 10 years.

Here is a pile of my hair.

New short hair cut. 

Sunday I got up at 6:30am.  I set an alarm for my day off.  I wanted to get my 15 mile run it before I had to head out to spend the day shopping with my mom.  I got up and ate my usual breakfast before a run.  I had whole wheat English muffin with two tablespoons of peanut butter.  I also had a cup and a half of coffee.  I did my business and then I was out the door to get the run out of the way.  By mile three I knew this 15 miler was not to be.  I was tired.  Not just uh, I don't want to be doing this I am a little tired.  I mean exhausted.  I got to about 4.5 miles and knew that I had to pack it in an turn around.  I was slow too.  My legs felt like lead and I could have just curled up and took a nap.  Well, maybe not nap in public when it was 14 degrees out but you get the picture.  It was so cold that my water bottle froze.  So I turned around at mile 4.5 and headed back.  I was very disappointed when I got home that my 15 mile run turned into a 9 mile run.  How am I ever going to go 26.2 when I can't even get a 15 miler done.  So week two of the marathon training was a big bust.  Lets hope that next week is better.  

I should start keeping a food journal just to make sure that I am fueling right.  I am not sure if it was MS fatigue, poor fueling or just the cold that made me feel so sluggish and my legs so heavy.  Here's hoping that I do not have a repeat.

Monday, February 6, 2012

I should have been a farmer.

I went and did the coolest thing ever on Saturday.  My husband and I are friends with another couple named Jay and Tati.  Jay's cousin has a farm, with goats.  I love goats.  I beg my husband regularly to let me have one or a dozen.  They are super cute and generally friendly.  He keeps telling me we live in a town house and don't technically have a yard so I can't have one.  I would totally sod our deck for a goat. 

Tati and I made the hour trek to farm to see the baby goats.  Yup, not just full grown adult goats but babies, 28 of them.  And I got to feed them.  This made me a happy girl.

As soon as you get in the pen with them they swarm you.  They were sucking on my coat, jeans, shoes and even my fingers if I let them.

They were very excited to see us.

Moving goats are hard to photograph with just your iPhone.

They were so tiny and cute.

They are all bottle fed three times a day.  This makes them much more friendly.  Man, they can drink fast too.

This is one of the yearlings.  She was born last year.

There were still about 35 mamas that hadn't given birth yet.  So there will be more babies soon.  The babies we were feeding were about two to three weeks old.  I wanted to put one in my car and take them home.  I know I would get in so much trouble if I did.

Saturday was also the first day I ran since my stomach bug.  What a crappy run.  I guess my body needs more fuel than saltines, plain brown rice and tea.  Hopefully this week will be better.  My right calf is a little tender.  I am hoping it will feel better for tomorrow.  I have a 45 minute date with the treadmill in the morning.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

If you are not hitting someone in the groin, it's not Krav Maga

Krav Maga featured on the Simpsons Source

So, I started a new kind of cross training this week, Krav Maga. It is not only a great workout, it is self defense training.  I am going with my friend Amy.   Our first lesson was a semi private lesson (just me and Amy) with the owner.  We learned a couple of punches, a groin kick, and some knee to the groin action.  We also learned how to hold the pads for each other so that we wouldn't get hurt.  It was a very fun and enjoyable experience.  We signed up for a 6 week trial period.  We got some karate bottoms and at tee shirt to wear as our uniforms. 

Yesterday we did our first group class.  I have had a stomach bug for the last couple of days and was not able to go either Wednesday or Thursday. :-(  Feeling a little better today, so that is great.  Last night was not much in the way of Krav Maga but a lot of cardio.  Normally I would not mind so much cardio.  But the fact that I have been living on saltines, graham crackers and tea made it a little difficult.  I just don't have a lot of energy.  Good news is that I didn't puke.  Bad news is that everyone in the class things I am slow and a sissy.  That's cool.  I have five more weeks to change their minds. 

There was a lot of ab work, arms using a kettle ball (which I have never ever used before), squats, running up stairs and punching a pole.  It was a pretty good workout.  My abs do not feel worse for wear, I do Pilates fairly regularly.  My arms are killing me though. 

I am glad to also be learning a little self defense.  It sounds like the classes the rest of the week are more technique then cardio.  I have been a little nervous running out in the community since I heard about SUAR's cousin's abduction in Montana.  I will be doing the virtual run for Sherry next Saturday February 11th.  This is a great cause and there is a place to donate to Sherry's family on SUAR's website.  You can print out your bibs for it here.