Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A 16 mile run

I did my longest run to date on Saturday.  A full 16 miles.  It took me 3 and a half hours to do it.  Guess I am never qualifying for Boston.  Lol.  Just glad that I was able to get through the run and still live to talk about it afterward.  There really is no place in my home town to run 16 miles safely.  So I ran the 3 and 3/4 mile loop to get to the river trail in the center of town and then ran up and down the trail until I had only 3 and 3/4 miles left to go and ran the loop back.  If there weren't so many interesting people and dogs to pass this would be incredibly boring.  I also listened to a book on tape while I was running.  This made it a bit more compelling.  On a side note, why do people let their dogs poop in the middle of the trail and just leave it.  Then I have to dodge the poop each time I run by. 

Anyway, after running the 16 miles, eating some left over Mac and cheese, getting a nice hot shower in and rolling out my muscles, I headed out to my friend Amber's house for some Birthday festivities.  My birthday was Monday and my girls and I got together on Saturday to celebrate.  We went Ice Skating, which my husband told me was crazy after running 16 miles.  I did not fall once even though it had been at least ten years since the last time I had been on skates.  It was a good time.  Took at least a half an hour before I felt like I wasn't actually going to do a header into the ice or run over some poor kid who just happened to be in the way.  We had Mexican food at Amber's house after and then just hung out.  My muscles got stiff if I sat for too long so I kept getting up and stretching. 

Sunday is my rest day so I accomplished the goal pretty well.  I was a little sore when I got up but nothing too bad.  We got our Christmas tree and decorated it.  Then watched football and then my husband took me to see the new Muppet movie.  I loved it. 

What a great weekend overall.  And now I know that I can run 16 miles straight and live to tell about it. 

Here is our tree.  He is a little short but it's ok, I think he's cute.

Scott and Amber got me Princess stickers for my keyboard.  I am obsessed with Princesses.  I have wanted a Princess keyboard forever but they don't make them.


  1. Great job!!!! Kudos to you for doing the same path up and down over and over. I would go crazy. I too did 16 on saturday and I too cramped up badly that evening when I drove to my gf's house. Sitting still didn't work for me. Great update! :)

  2. Great job on your 16 mile run! Your keyboard looks so cute with the stickers!