Sunday, December 18, 2011

Man, what a week last week.  My half marathon is coming up quickly.  Three weeks until we leave for Florida.  I am definitely trained enough for the run.  I am hoping that I will beat my time from last year.  My friend Dave is going to run the entire way with me.  I have two other friends coming down to run the half also. 
Me and two of my friends running the 1/2 marathon last year.

I had a really low mileage week this week.  Only 15 miles for the week.  I am kind of disappointed with that.  I know, to some it feels like a lot but I did not reach my goal for the week. I had a small medical procedure on Wednesday.  Everything this is ok.  And it was planned but it really messed up my training for the week.  I didn't run at all on Thursday.  And I had a 18 mile scheduled for Saturday but only ran 6.24 of it.  That disappointed me.  My husband keeps pointing out that I ran after a medical procedure and that in itself is crazy. 

My girlfriends got me a tutu for the 1/2 Marathon for my birthday.   I am super excited about it.  I got it yesterday.
 Yes we have lived in our house for 4 years and there are still boxes in the corner we have yet to unpack.

It really brightened my Friday to get it.  I was super tired when I got home from work.  I don't think I even said hello to my husband before I fell face down on the bed for an hour and a half when I got home.

I think Santa maybe bringing me the arm warmers I have been eyeing. I bought some leg warmers that my husband said were ugly to go with the outfit.  They are from Team Sparkle.  They only cost 12 bucks so if I end up hating them no big deal.  And there was no shipping cost.
I think that they may work with the theme.

I also have a pink tiara that I bought around Halloween for only 3 dollars.  If it drives me crazy during the run I won't be so said if I have to ditch it. 

So only a few more weeks until the big day.  I am totally physically ready to run  it.  I really need the vacation.  I am super excited for the run and for the vacation. 

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