Thursday, December 29, 2011

One week until vacation

Well, I made it through the holidays.  There were some points at which I didn't think I was going to.  We made quite a trek around the state of Connecticut before it was done.  And I am glad all of the driving is finished.  We had good food, a little booze and great memories with the family.

I am ready to get on with vacation now.  Only a week until we leave.  I can't wait.  Only four more days of work too.  I am in need of rest and relaxation.  Well and running a half marathon.  It should be a good one.  I am very excited to have my friends run with me.  I am very proud of my friend Amber Lea and her fiance Paulie for decided to give the half marathon a go.  They have trained so hard for it.  I am glad that I was able to inspire them to come down to Disney and run it. 

 Here is Amber Lea and I at the BridgeFest

Amber Lea and Paulie in Sarasota FL when the Disney 1/2 Marathon Plan was hatched

I love this pic of Amber Lea and myself.  I had way too many hurricanes that day.

As half marathons go it is a fast one.  The great state of Florida does not have that many hills.  And since we have all been training here in the New England area where hills are the norm, we should find the flat terrain of Florida a nice change. 

My outfit for the race is almost complete.  Santa brought me a pair of hot pink arm warmers for Christmas. 
I think that they are going to go great with the rest of my outfit.  My husband says I look silly.  But really that is the point.

Now all I have to get is a cheap sweatshirt at Walmart that I can toss right before the race.  It is going to be cold standing around in the corral waiting for the race to start.  I am getting super excited for the race.  I just have to get through the week until next Thursday and I will be golden.

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