Thursday, August 4, 2011

MS Mud Run

I have discovered today that several states (none of which are in New England) do Mud Runs to benefit MS.  I have been wanting to do a race with obstacles and that encourages (well and forces) you to get dirty.  I missed the Warrior Dash that was here in the New England area a couple months ago. 

How great is it that a race could encompass two of my desires all in one. To raise money for the National MS Society and to be a muddy obstacle course that will test my athletic abilities.  I only wish that the Connecticut or Massachusetts chapters would get on board so that I wouldn't have to drag my Husband half way across the country to watch me run.  I have already made one of our vacations all about going to Disney so that I can run in the January half marathon.  He already rolled his eyes at me when I said I wanted to go to Baltimore to run in the Run For Your Lives 5k.  So clearly the answer is that one of the New England Chapters of the National MS Society need to start a Mud Run.

Here are a couple of the sites I found today.

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  1. OMG- I am SO IN for a NE MS Mudder if one comes around. The MS walk is fantastic, but a Mudder would be even more so!