Monday, August 29, 2011

Quite a soggy weekend

Well, we survived Hurricane Irene.  On Saturday my husband and I had tickets to see Kenny Chesney at Gillette Stadium.  I had been watching the weather all week to see what Saturday would be like.  It went from a slight chance of rain to a definite down pour through out the week.  It clearly stated on our tickets Rain or Shine.  The Sunday performance was moved to Friday night.  The weather on Friday was gorgeous.  Man, why didn't I buy tickets for Sunday. Friday afternoon I stopped at Walmart to buy us ponchos.  I have been waiting for this concert since November.  I was not going to let a hurricane ruin it.  Walmart was a mad house.  Everyone was buying water and bread. 

We ended up going out to the casino on Friday night.  What a late night.  We left the casino at 11:30pm.  It should take us 45 minutes to get home.  There was an accident on the high way about 15 miles from our house.  We were stopped dead for about an hour or more.  I didn't get home until about 2am.  So much for my five mile run Saturday morning.  I was way too pooped when I got up at 8 to think about lacing up my running shoes.  And there was too much to do to get ready for the storm.  We brought in all of our deck furniture.  I cleaned the house, I had guessed that we would loose power on Sunday.  I got ready to go.  I was very excited to get to wear my pink cowboy hat.

At 2 pm we left for the concert.  I didn't know if we were going to make it.  It was raining so hard in spots on the highway I could hardly see 10 feet in front of us. 
The rain did get much heavier than this. I was too nervous at that point to take a pic though.

We finally got there.  Parking was a bear to say the least.  We got some food in us at Patriots Place and then headed into the concert.  Uncle Kracker was the opening band.  A nice surprise since both my husband and I were unaware that he would be playing that day.  There was a sparse crowd at that point.  I think everyone was still tailgating in the rain.  It rained off and on during the show. 

Billy Currington also played and was awesome.  Zack Brown band was great.  I really enjoyed hearing Toes live.  And Kenny Chesney rocked my world.  He played my husband and my wedding song, How Forever Feels and Eric and I danced together in the stands.  He and Uncle Kracker also sang Cowboy originally by Kid Rock.  This was the highlight of the show for my husband.  We battled traffic on the way home but overall it was a great night.
 I can never get these types of photos to come out that great. :-(

We weathered Irene out pretty well.  We lost power yesterday around 8am.  I am glad I got up early and made coffee before the power went out.   I am not a happy camper without coffee in the morning.  We spent the day lounging on the couch.  Me reading a book and my husband watching movies on his iPad.  Our power came back on at 5 this morning.  I am very happy that I got to make coffee and have a hot shower prior to work this morning. 

Overall it was a great weekend.  I am glad I got to spend so much quality time with my husband. I am very sad that my goals for a 5 mile run this weekend were washed away.  It always makes me feel lazy when I don't get my workouts in.  I am going to try to get back on track this week.  Only two more weeks until I start my 18 week half marathon training.


  1. Glad you made the best of the weekend. Everyone was chicken little in DC area so didn't do much until Sunday when the sun came out. Not rushing to have a rainy weekend like that again.

  2. Hi there...I'm a runner and have also very recently been diagnosed with MS...I'd love to correspond with you a bit to see what tips you may have. I've probably been living with it for the past 14 years, just didn't know it. No wonder I totally have problems with heat!!

    If you don't mind, you could email me at Thanks so much!!!