Friday, August 26, 2011

A shopping trip

I am going to be starting my 1/2 marathon training in a little over two weeks.  I will be starting to do many more miles a week than I have been putting in this summer.  Because of the increased mileage it is time for new shoes. I want to have enough time to break in the new shoes before January.  I went to my local running store yesterday with one of my best friends Amy.   This trip had may objectives to it.   1. Buy new running shoes 2. Ask the running store if they would be willing to sponsor the 5K my work is holding on October 1st.  3. Buy new socks.

So we headed down to PR Running in Westborough, MA. I love this running store.  The staff are always so helpful and attentive.  We went on our lunch break so it was about noon when we got there.  It was pretty rocking in the store for a Thursday afternoon.  We got helped right away.  The woman who helped me in January get my current shoes which are New Balance 1064s helped me again this time.  I tried on a pair of the newest New Balance shoes but they have made the toe box much more narrow. 

I then tried on a pair of Saucony ProGrid Ride 4s.  I really liked them.  I took a run outside in the shoes and they felt great.  I have a problem with black toe nails.  I get a little nervous when my shoes are to tight in the toe box.  These shoes felt awesome. 

I also tired on a pair of Asics Gel-Nimbus 13 Limited Edition.  These shoes were so cute.  I wanted to buy them on the mere fact that I loved how they looked.  I wish that they fit me as well.  I found them to be too tight.  Even when I went up another half size the toe box was just a little too tight.  I ran in these ones as well.  

I ultimately decided to go with the Saucony ProGrid Ride 4.  I will be starting to use them next week or the week after on my short runs to start to break them in.  

I also bought my socks at the running store.  I really like Balega Lady Eduro 3 socks.  They have a tab on the back so that they do not fall down while I run.  I hate when socks do that because the bunch up in places and give me blisters.  They also have cushioning on the bottom which I like.  And venting on the top so that your feet don't get overly hot.  I got a pair of pink ones and blue ones.  If you buy them from Balega's website they are $10 but shipping costs another $10.  I got each pair at PR Running for $9.99 so it saved me $10 in shipping.  Now I have three pairs.  This will be great for my training since my training program only has me running three days a week. 

As for the store giving us a donation, that remains to be seen.  The owner was too busy to meet with us (which I figured since the store was so busy).  We left our packet and hung a race flyer up on their bulletin board.  I will keep my fingers crossed.  If anyone out there lives in the Worcester, MA area and is looking for a race to run on October 1st keep the BridgeFest in mind.  The money goes to a great cause.


  1. Saucony are so popular with athletes. I feel like I am missing out cos I have not tried them yet.

  2. I was tempted to try on the Saucony Hattoris that they had in stock. They are Saucony's foray into the world of minimalist running and are intriguing! There's a review of them here: However, if I buy another pair of barefoot / minimalist shoes, my closet is going to bust! I have to say, PR Running impressed me with their quick, friendly service and very knowledgeable staff. I'm very happy with the calf compression sleeves I bought there!

  3. I love getting new running shoes! Good luck with your upcoming half training

  4. Good luck with your upcoming 1/2 training. I am going to buy new shoes myself today. Cheers for new shoes!