Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Running Skorts

The newest fad in woman's running apparel is the running skort.  A woman clad in a running skort was featured on the cover of last month's Runner's World.

Runner's World has tag lined these women as Fastinistas, a play on the ever so popular term Fashionista.  While I am not against looking nice while a run, this is not my main focus during my work outs.  I brought up the article with my husband one night over dinner.  I told him how I didn't understand the woman that pick out skorts, shirts, socks and even sneakers that match every morning for their runs.  I generally dress for comfort.  I am a fan of pink so many of my running clothes are pink and I guess that I in some since match when I go out for a run in the morning.  But it is not a conscious effort on my part that makes it happen.  My shoes never change when I wear a different color.  My socks don't always match my outfit. (Heck my socks don't always match each other.)  I told my husband I didn't think I liked the new skort fad.

Then one day while I was running and my running shorts (which I think are too short anyway) kept riding up I started to think maybe a running skort would fix the problem.  Most have compression shorts and then a skirt on top.  I have to admit I have an ass.  It is mostly toned but I am not flat back there.  Most shorts ride up the back and I am left feeling like my cheeks are showing.

So I broke down a couple of weeks ago and picked up a skort at the Reebok outlet.  I have run in it a couple of time since I bought it.  It is in the rotation with the rest of my shorts.  I find that it doesn't ride up as much as my running shorts.  Sure the shorts ride up a little but there is the skirt part that covers my rear so the world can't see my cheeks.  I then had to admit to my husband that I broke down and bought the skort.  He looked confused when I told him.  "Didn't we just talk about your disdain for them?" He asked.  I admitted that I am not doing this for fashion but modesty.

All in all I am happy with the purchase of a running skort.  While I am still not a "Fastinista"  the skort adds a level of comfort in the knowledge that my cheeks are not on full view for my neighborhood during my morning run. 

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