Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Woes of an allergy sufferer

Ragweed is already out.  Bleh.  I have been waking up each morning for the past week and a half with a headache.  It doesn't make me want to get out of bed and go for a run. 

Last year I started seeing an allergist.  They did a scratch test and turns out I am allergic to anything that blooms, mold, dust mites, cats, and several kind of tree nuts.  I have been getting weekly allergy shots for over a year now.  Six shots to be exact.  I have progressed on all but the ragweed shot.  This is the one that keeps me going back weekly to the allergy clinic. 

They also have me taking Singular at night and Allegra in the morning.  I take a Claritin an hour before my appointment.  You would think that with all the antihistamine coursing through my body I wouldn't be bothered by headaches, stuffy nose, and itchy eyes but alas, I still am.  And it bums me out that my head hurts so much in the morning when I all I really want to be doing is running.

Hopefully it gets better soon.  I never thought I would be hoping for a frost but I kind of am.  I think it would help kill the ragweed and give me some relief. 

I start my 1/2 Marathon training on September 13th.  Lets hope my body cooperates by then. 

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  1. Feel better soon. Not been able to run when you want to is the worst.