Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Garmin 405 Coming Soon

I ordered a Garmin Forerunner 405 this weekend.  Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner highly recommended it.  And a bunch of other fellow bloggers said that Garmin was the way to go. 
 I am looking forward to having a heart rate monitor.  I have been wanting one for quite a while.  I think it will help me keep my body in a fat burning zone.  I also like that the Garmin will sync when it is within 10 feet of my PC.  No more struggling to try to sync something.  I have yet to decide if I am going to fork over another 50 bucks for a shoe pod.  My mother recently has given me her treadmill so that I can workout on rainy days inside.  If I bought one I could track my indoor runs but I still have my stupid Nike+ if I want to do that.

It was very nice to hear that I am not the only person that was having so much trouble with their Nike +.  Funny thing is the day I wrote my post about switching to Garmin Nike emailed me.  This is what they said:

"It's been a tough couple months for Nike+. We know from the feedback that there have been a number of issues, including logging in, syncing devices, sharing runs and editing profiles. Not everyone has been affected, but if you have experienced any of those problems, I'm genuinely sorry. Running is supposed to be pure, simple and uncomplicated. And Nike+ is supposed to enhance it, not make it more complex."

While I am impressed that Nike is able to take ownership that yes, they are having a problem, I am still frustrated that I can't get their product to work the way it should.   I decided this weekend that I have had enough of Nike and their Nike+ sensor.  It infuriates me when it stops working in the middle of a run and is so annoying when it won't sync. 

I should be getting the Garmin by Friday of this week.  I ordered it through Amazon.com.  It was about $190 with the heart rate monitor.  Hopefully the weather clears up by the end of the week so that I can use my new toy. 


  1. I'm so excited for you to get your Garmin! It really is worth the expense, and I'm sure it will make a difference in the way you run. Can't wait to hear how much you love it!

  2. You inspired me to look at Garmins this weekend a the VA Beach Rock N Roll expo. I liked the sync within 10 feet thing cos I couldn't be bothered with all that after a run. Thanks you for helping me get focused on which product to use when funds permit.