Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sore Knee and Belly Dance

I have been feeling kind of lazy this week.  It has been raining most days.  I really thought we should be building an arch at one point this week.  I do have a treadmill but I hate running on it.  So while it has been raining I have really only been walking on it.  I walked 4 miles on Thursday night on the treadmill.  When I got off the treadmill my left knee was a little tight.  I stretched, showered and went to bed.  I got up Friday morning and the back of my knee was a bit swollen and sore.  Crap, I have a performance on Saturday.  I also just got my Garmin Forerunner 405 Thursday afternoon and I wanted to use it that morning.  Sigh, I couldn't run because I have to make sure I can dance on Saturday.

So, besides being a runner, I have another hobby.  I belly dance.  I have been taking classes in belly dance off and on for about 10 years.  About 3 years ago I started taking classes with a beautiful woman named Val.  Along with a couple of my friends we joined her Troupe, the Eves

Saturday we performed at Canal Fest in Worcester MA.  I think it went very well.  The crowd seemed to be really into it.  Our troupe performed 3 pieces and one of the ladies did a solo.  We do a fantastic piece where the 12 of us dance with swords.  I love to belly dance.  I love that woman of all shapes and sizes can do it.  I love the woman I dance with. 

Here are some photos from the event.

I have a hard time smiling when I dance.

This is me, my friends Heather and Amy

We dance with swords

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